[R] vignettes are installed but not viewable?

Rajarshi Guha rguha at indiana.edu
Sat Feb 7 20:59:43 CET 2009

Hi, I have a package for which I'm writing a vignette. The vignette  
looks fine as indicated by R CMD check. However after installing the  
package (in my personal R library location) doing



Warning message:
vignette 'rcdk' *not* found

But I can see the PDF file located under rcdk/doc in the R library  
directory. The header of the Rnw file is

% \VignetteIndexEntry{rcdk Tutorial}
% \VignettePackage{rcdk}
% \VignetteKeywords{}

I am totally stumped by this - could anybody shed some light on what  
I'm doing wrong?


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