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On 04-Feb-09 20:45:04, Nutter, Benjamin wrote:
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> Those of us on this list (with the possible exception of one or
> two nutters) would take it that it goes without saying that R was
> developed on the basis of S --- we all ***know*** that.  
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> Just want to clarify that the nutters referred to here are not
> the same as the Nutters that bear my name :-)

Surely the Nutters are a Movement or a Party[1] whose members
are nutters?

[1] In the UK we have long had the Monster Raving Loony Party,
    which (at least in a 1990 bye-election) made a serious dent
    in the political scene.
    See: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Monster_Raving_Looney_Party


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