[R] R version update utility

Alexandre Aguiar asaguiar at spsconsultoria.com
Wed Feb 4 19:17:39 CET 2009


O wrote a small bash script that performs unattended upgrades of R.
It has fit my purposes but I'd like to submit it to the community so it can 
be enhanced and widely useful.

There is some redundancy in code and this will be addressed soon.

Almost every action is logged but the main action of each step is logged 
only in case of error. Each run will produce a different log file. It can 
be disk wasting for some. However, it has proved useful when several runs 
must be done.

Any help, suggestion, code, etc. are welcome.

If this stuff is regarded as off-topic, please, email me in private.

Best regards.


Alexandre Santos Aguiar, MD, SCT
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