[R] Foreign function call

rkevinburton at charter.net rkevinburton at charter.net
Wed Feb 4 19:08:31 CET 2009

Let me get more specific. I think it this can be answered then I can translate the information to other calls. In the arima 'R' code there is a reference to

.Call(R_TSconv, a, b)

If from the console I type:

> .Call(R_TSConv, c(1,-1), c(1,-1))

I get:

Error: object "R_TSConv" not found

If I do 

> getNativeSymbolInfo("R_TSConv")

I get:

Error in FUN("R_TSConv"[[1L]], ...) : no such symbol R_TSConv

What am I missing?

Thank you.


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