[R] The Origins of R

nashjc at uottawa.ca nashjc at uottawa.ca
Wed Feb 4 18:51:15 CET 2009

Patrick Burns likely is closest to the truth in noting that the editing of
the NYT article was possibly savage. The author is probably fuming, and
can't do much or he'll not get future work.

I was a columnist for Interface Age and then a sub-editor for Byte in the
early 80s. If an ad came in close to the deadline for printing, my math
articles could get very scrambled, and some people close to the subject
would get mad at me. All I could do was send them the original copy.

But it's really worth remembering that there is rarely any bad publicity
if one wants to get noticed -- as I assume we want R to be. It's a pity
the furore on this list isn't more in the popular media.


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