[R] cronbachs alpha - score.items(psych) vs reliability(Rcmdr)

Christopher W. Ryan cryan at binghamton.edu
Wed Feb 4 14:50:00 CET 2009

The item.total command in the "multilevel" package will give you what
you want.

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achristoffersen wrote:
> Dear all,
> I like the way the Rcmdr package computes reliability. E.g
> reliability(cov(d[,c("q1", "q2", "q3", "q4", "q5", "q6")],
> use="complete.obs"))
> will not only give me the alpha score, but also for each variable,
> alpha.score if deleted. However - when writing scripts it's very tiresome to
> load the whole Rcmdr GUI just for this purpose. So I'm looking for an
> another package that delivers the same feature.
> the score.items function in the psych package i find is too complicated (it
> requires a keys vector) and it doesn't report the "alpha if deleted" score.
> What have I missed when googling for an alternative?
> Thx in advance
> Andreas

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