[R] loading lme4 fails - "function 'cholmod_l_start' not provided by package 'Matrix'"

Megan Davies Megan.Davies at snh.gov.uk
Wed Feb 4 11:46:28 CET 2009

Hello UseRs,

I've just tried to load the lme4 package and got the error message, "function 'cholmod_l_start' not provided by package 'Matrix'".  I downloaded the latest version of lme4 and its required packages (lattice and Matrix) as suggested in the archives and still got this message.  The FAQ and archives suggested to check the R version requirements, but I'm already using the latest available version of R, 2.8.1.  I'm using Windows XP Professional.

Thanks for any help,
Megan Davies

Megan Davies
Policy and Advice Officer, Statistician
Scottish Natural Heritage
01463 725072

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