[R] Event sequence analysis

Hans W. Borchers hwborchers at gmail.com
Mon Feb 2 13:31:34 CET 2009

Dear R help,

I am analyzing sequences of events described by time and a unique event tag. And
I am searching for recurring patterns where patterns have to show up in a
certain time window, e.g. 5 or 10 minutes. Of course, inbetween these events
other events may occur.

I have applied basket analysis approaches like apriori or 'frequent item set'
algorithms with interesting results but these methods do not take into account
the exact succession of events. I also looked into the 'Generalized Sequential
Pattern' function of Weka, but the implementation in Weka does not allow for a
time window (as far as I understand).

Are there other sequence analysis implementations available in R? -- For
instance in the realm of the 1997 paper "Discovery of frequent episodes in event
sequences" by H. Mannila et al.

Please no BioConductor hints as they are meaning something different with
(genetic) sequence analysis.

Very best,  Hans Werner

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