[R] plots and text to the same output file

Michael Bibo michael_bibo at health.qld.gov.au
Thu Feb 12 04:13:02 CET 2009

Greg Snow <Greg.Snow <at> imail.org> writes:

> odfWeave works just fine for me on windows and the XML package shows up in 
my list of packages.  You may be
> overthinking the problem, for most of my odfWeave projects I don't need 
odfInsertPlot, just use fig=TRUE
> in the code chunk and only include the code for that 1 plot in that code 
chunk (a separate chunk for each plot)
> and the inclusion of the plot is taken care of for you (you can do fancier 
things with odfInsertPlot, but
> probably don't need to most of the time).
> Another alternative for creating postscript (which can be converted to pdf 
if that is preferred), but
> which is much less sophisticated than sweave/odfWeave is to look at the 
etxtStart function in the
> TeachingDemos package (this requires postprocessing with enscript).  This 
approach is more for getting
> a transcript of an interactive session, for planned analyses use 
sweave/odfWeave instead.
> Hope this helps,

See also package hwriter, for creating HTML output files which can be further 
edited, even with MSWord if you work with others in an MSOffice environment.

Michal Bibo

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