[R] String question

Knut Krueger rh at krueger-family.de
Wed Dec 23 13:05:36 CET 2009

Hi Baptiste,
> Isn't paste doing exactly this?
yes indeed - surprising
> temp <- c("November", "December","Monday","Tuesday")
> paste(temp, collapse=",")

paste(temp, sep=",") I tried to use sep  :-(


|...| 	one or more *R* objects, to be converted to character vectors.
|sep| 	a character string to separate the terms. Not |NA_character_ 
<cid:part1.05050004.04080404 at krueger-family.de>|.
|collapse| 	an optional character string to separate the results. Not 
|NA_character_ <cid:part1.05050004.04080404 at krueger-family.de>|.

and I did not realize that I separated the wrong part ...

Kind regards Knut

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