[R] RODBC: how to set the data-source?

Oliver Bandel oliver at first.in-berlin.de
Fri Aug 28 23:29:17 CEST 2009

Dumblauskas, Jerry <jerry.dumblauskas <at> credit-suisse.com> writes:

> OK
> Is your PostGres server on the same Linux box you are running R on?
> Sample values
> Server          = (localhost host means you are on the same
> box)

yes, all is local here.

> Port            = 2700 (make sure your port is correct)

to be honest, I'm not sure... I just used the port-number that was used in the
documentation (the example), assuming it is correct. ;-)
I did'nt checked the port-number...

> Also, I am not seeing your id and password....

well.... is this necessary?
I just  used the examples, and all that is different, I changed.

If the examples are missing the user/passwd, then I also did not used it.
BTW: here did you miss it? In /etc/odbc.ini?

> I use the signature
> believeNRows=FALSE)


> So for you this would be
> channel <- odbcConnect("rtestdb", uid="rtest", pwd="???",
> believeNRows=FALSE)


Van you explain me the "???" and the READDBID /  READDBUSER / READDBPWD ?!

Looks like env-vars included here in the configs?!

> The alloc error means you are close...

?? what?!

...you mean allocHandle?!

> Make sure you can connect to your DB outside of R as well....

With psql I can connect.
Was this your question?
Or do you mean other tools?


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