[R] problem with BRugs

Vitalie S. vitosmail at rambler.ru
Tue Aug 25 14:34:21 CEST 2009

> This is a BUGS error message that indeed tells you that BUGS cannot  
> truncate that density - not related to R at all.
> Best,
> Uwe Ligges

Yes, indeed, that does not work in OpenBugs as well. Means that  
documentation of Open bugs is  incorrect (they are using dnorm there).  
Also "I" works and "T" does not work for any distribution I've tried.

The problem is that BRugs documentation is not mentioning T and C  
OpenBugs tels about T and C but not "I". And obviously nothing about what  
T does not work and I should be used instead!

If I didn't know from previous versions about "I" operator I would have  
been stuck with BRugs code.

So I believe this is also a problem of BRugs' documentation. T and C  
should be mentioned there along side with "I".

The guys at OpenBugs obviously now the problem - just new users are  
utterly confused, that's all.

Sorry for taking your time.
And thanks for the port; indeed, great tool.


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