[R] image() generates many border lines in pdf, not on screen (quartz) - R 2.9.1 GUI 1.28 Tiger build 32-bit (5444) - OS X 10.5.8

Stefan Evert stefan.evert at uos.de
Mon Aug 24 15:26:29 CEST 2009

>>> Your code is not reproducible, we do not have rfc, y, zVals nor  
>>> NoCols.
>> It's much easier to reproduce: just type in the first example from  
>> the "image" help page
>>    x <- y <- seq(-4*pi, 4*pi, len=27)
>>    r <- sqrt(outer(x^2, y^2, "+"))
>>    image(z = z <- cos(r^2)*exp(-r/6), col=gray((0:32)/32))
>> then save from the quartz() display
> Well, not possible for me on Windows .....
> Anyway, please use the pdf() device directly and see if it works:

Works just as well as dev.copy2pdf() ... it really appears to be a bug  
in the Quartz framework.

Unfortunately, I don't know why the OP doesn't just use the pdf()  

>> (I used the menu) and view with Adobe Reader 9 (I seem to have  
>> 9.0.0).
> You should upgrade (even just for security reasons and many  
> bugfixes), 9.1.3 is recent on Windows.

The newest I could get from Adobe is 9.1.0.  Strangely enough, even  
though I have configured it to check for updates on startup, Adobe  
Reader never suggested to me that an update may be available.

Thanks for mentioning this.


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