[R] [Fwd: Re: R code to reproduce (while studying) Bates & Watts 1988]]]

Ottorino-Luca Pantani ottorino-luca.pantani at unifi.it
Mon Aug 17 15:38:27 CEST 2009

Douglas Bates ha scritto:
> I have been without Internet access for a couple of weeks (in the US
> AT&T is now competing with the cable companies and has succeeded in
> emulating the cable TV companies' terrible service) and I missed the
> beginning of this discussion.  Is there a reason that you have not
> used the example in the NRAIA package to obtain that model fit?
A quite simple reason.
My fault: I did not know the existence of the library, so I was trying 
to build the example  (and the data set) on my own.
> Try
> install.packages("NRAIA")
> library(NRAIA)
> example(Chloride)
> That gets you the data and the model fit without the AR1 correlation.
> I guess that I didn't put in the general optimization in that example
> yet.
Could you be please so kind to give me some hints on it ?

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