[R] R graphics

Mcdonald, Grant grant.mcdonald08 at imperial.ac.uk
Thu Aug 13 14:08:24 CEST 2009

Dear sir,

I am trying to create a barplot for two propotions, with proportions successful on the y and age on the x.  So my data is in the formate of one vector containing 0s and 1s (i.e.successful or not) with a corresponding two level vector of age.

success        age
1                     old
0                    young
0                     young
1                     old

Howeber i cannot find a way to stop r stacking the data using the code:  plot(successfulYN~maleage) as it ends up showing both proportions as i only want the proportions of success to show. 
also entering it as a table results in x axis being removed maybe though this is the only way
could you please offer any help?

Grant McDoanld

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