[R] Help with the internal functions

Duncan Murdoch murdoch at stats.uwo.ca
Mon Aug 10 23:23:26 CEST 2009

Kaiyu Shen wrote:
> Hi, folks:
> I have used R for some time and have not explore deep inside the codes
> of the packages.
> Today, I try to modify some code in a package of arrayQuality (I do not
> think it matters which package it is).
> There is a function called maQualityPlots and I use fix(maQualityPlots)
> that I can view and edit the code of this function.
> However, there is another function qpMAPlots that I want to edit, 
> 1. I type in ?qpMAPlots, it says:
> Internal functions       package:arrayQuality       R Documentation
> Internal arrayQuality functions
> Description:
>      Internal arrayQuality functions
> Details:
>      These are not to be called by the user.
> (END) 
> 2. I try to fix(qpMAPlots) and it gives me:
> function()
> {
> }
> 3. I type in getAnywhere(qpMAPlots), it shows the code, but how should I
> edit it?
> Does anybody have idea of what should I do?
> I have no prior experience on editing the codes of an existed package so
> please some body could help me with this.

You should get the source to the package and edit that.  It may have 
comments in the code explaining why things were done a certain way; you 
should certainly add comments explaining your changes.  Installing the 
package from source is described in the Writing R Extensions manual.  
It's pretty easy, once you have the tools available; on Linux those are 
often already there, and on Windows, you'll need to download some.  
MacOS is a bit of both.

Duncan Murdoch

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