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We cannot reproduce your example since we don't have access to probF.  It seems probF is not an object of class "table", but perhaps of class "data.frame".  

Also, summary is not "cutting off the other variables", it is pooling levels of a factor into the "Other" category.  All the levels belong to the same variable.  

By looking at the help for summary, i.e., by typing ?summary at the R prompt, you will find that the data.frame method has an argument called "maxsum", which is be default equal to 7.  The argument is described as "integer, indicating how many levels should be shown for 'factor's."  That sounds like what you want.  

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Why when I do a summary on a table it cuts off the other variables? It says
Other :58 or Other: 120.

how can I get the summary for all the variables under ServLoad.Task and
Server.Load and Avg. CPU and Max.CPU?


   Reboot.Id           ServLoad.Task         Server.Load
Avg.CPU            Max.CPU                     Event.Log
 Min.   : 2.00   120067_122395:  5   SLACT04_1     :21   Min.   : 0.02827
Min.   : 0.40   2009-MAY-13 20:21:37:86
 1st Qu.:18.50   120076_124326:  5   SLSPED06      :19   1st Qu.: 4.22128
1st Qu.: 7.80   2009-MAY-11 20:03:29: 9
 Median :25.00   120030_122501:  4   SLACT04_5     :15   Median :10.29370
Median :23.70   2009-MAY-13 01:25:13: 7
 Mean   :21.18   120046_122891:  4   SL06_SCEVEN_OP:14   Mean   :20.54242
Mean   :32.88   2009-MAY-13 21:03:08: 5
 3rd Qu.:25.00   120046_122933:  4   SLACT04_4     :10   3rd Qu.:33.44267
3rd Qu.:53.70   2009-MAY-11 04:41:51: 4
 Max.   :30.00   120071_121550:  4   SLBF06_3      : 9   Max.   :96.73438
Max.   :99.90   2009-MAY-11 05:30:02: 4
                 (Other)      :120   (Other)
:58                                      (Other)             :31
 Min.   :0.000034
 1st Qu.:0.000227
 Median :0.009295
 Mean   :2.321083
 3rd Qu.:4.725526
 Max.   :9.432425

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