[R] Is there a 'vi' mode in R?

Peng Yu pengyu.ut at gmail.com
Sat Aug 8 03:31:15 CEST 2009

On Fri, Aug 7, 2009 at 5:04 AM, Jakson Alves de
Aquino<jaksonaquino at gmail.com> wrote:
> Peng Yu wrote:
>> I'm wondering if R provide a vi mode in the command line just like
>> other shells such as bash do. Can somebody let me know?
> I maintain a Vim plugin that makes the interaction with R easier:
>  http://www.vim.org/scripts/script.php?script_id=2628
> The commands are sent through a pipe, and this approach has some
> limitations which are explained in the plugin's documentation. The
> plugin has been discussed here:
>  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=776492
> Regards,
> Jakson


After I installed your package, then I run the following command.

gvim run.R 2>&1

But I got the error below. Do you know what the problem was?


1 ToolBar
  10 Open
      n*   :browse confirm e<CR>
      v*   <C-C>:browse confirm e<CR><C-\><C-G>
      s*   <C-C>:browse confirm e<CR><C-\><C-G>
      o*   <C-C>:browse confirm e<CR><C-\><C-G>
  20 Save
      n*s  :if expand("%") == ""|browse confirm w|else|confirm w|endif<CR>
      v*s  <C-C>:if expand("%") == ""|browse confirm w|else|confirm
      s*s  <C-C>:if expand("%") == ""|browse confirm w|else|confirm
      o*s  <C-C>:if expand("%") == ""|browse confirm w|else|confirm
  30 SaveAll
      n*   :browse confirm wa<CR>
      v*   <C-C>:browse confirm wa<CR><C-\><C-G>
      s*   <C-C>:browse confirm wa<CR><C-\><C-G>
      o*   <C-C>:browse confirm wa<CR><C-\><C-G>
  40 Print
      n*   :hardcopy<CR>
      v*   :hardcopy<CR>
      s*   :hardcopy<CR>
      o*   <C-C>:hardcopy<CR><C-\><C-G>
  45 -sep1-
      n*   <Nop>
      v*   <Nop>
      s*   <Nop>
      o*   <Nop>
  50 Undo
      n*   u
      v*   <C-C>u<C-\><C-G>
      s*   <C-C>u<C-\><C-G>
      o*   <C-C>u<C-\><C-G>
  60 Redo
      n*   <C-R>
      v*   <C-C><C-R><C-\><C-G>
      s*   <C-C><C-R><C-\><C-G>
      o*   <C-C><C-R><C-\><C-G>
  65 -sep2-
      n*   <Nop>
      v*   <Nop>
      s*   <Nop>
      o*   <Nop>
  70 Cut
      v*   "+x
      s*   "+x
  80 Copy
      v*   "+y
      s*   "+y
  90 Paste
      n*   "+gP
      v&   "-c<Esc>:call paste#Paste()<CR>
      s&   "-c<Esc>:call paste#Paste()<CR>
  95 -sep3-
      n*   <Nop>
      v*   <Nop>
      s*   <Nop>
      o*   <Nop>
  100 Replace
      n*   :promptrepl<CR>
      v*   y:promptrepl <C-R>=<SNR>3_FixFText()<CR><CR>
      s*   y:promptrepl <C-R>=<SNR>3_FixFText()<CR><CR>
      o*   <C-C>:promptrepl<CR><C-\><C-G>
  110 FindNext
      n*   n
      v*   <C-C>n<C-\><C-G>
      s*   <C-C>n<C-\><C-G>
      o*   <C-C>n<C-\><C-G>
  120 FindPrev
      n*   N
      v*   <C-C>N<C-\><C-G>

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