[R] lattice dotplot: line height for multi-line labels

Boris.Vasiliev at forces.gc.ca Boris.Vasiliev at forces.gc.ca
Fri Aug 7 18:40:13 CEST 2009

Dear R-users,

I am looking for suggestions on how to control the line-height for
multi-line labels in lattice dotplot.

In particular, in the dotplot produced by

aa <- c('A'=10,'B\nb'=20,'C'=30)

I would like to control the vertical separation between 'B' and 'b' in
the second label on the y-axis.

For multi-line axes labels, line height is controlled by the
'lineheight' elements of the 'par.ylab.text' and 'par.xlab.tex' lists
provided by trellis.par.get().  However, 'lineheight' is not available
in 'axis.text'  list retuned by trellis.par.get().  

Does lattice provided a 'lineheight' parameter to control line-heights
in axis labels?

Boris Vasiliev.

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