[R] array slice notation?

Bengoechea Bartolomé Enrique (SIES 73) enrique.bengoechea at credit-suisse.com
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The do.call() version is likely slower than the vector version.

To select multiple rows, just replace the 1 by the vector with the rows.

The TRUEs in the list fail if the array happens to have 0 length in the corresponding dimension. You can build the list passed to do.call() first setting zeros instead of TRUE if that is the case:

A <- array(1:27, c(3, 3, 3))
v <- c(1, 2)
largs <- lapply(dim(A)[-1L], function(y) if (y) TRUE else 0L)
do.call("[", c(list(A, v), largs))


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Very nice. Two questions:
1> Do you have any idea of the timing difference, if any, between this and
the vector-subscripting method?
2> How do  you generalize this to select multiple rows eg with indexes given
by a vector 'v'?

S?ren H?jsgaard wrote:
> You can do 
>> A <- HairEyeColor
>> do.call("[", c(list(A),list(1,T,T)))
>        Sex
> Eye     Male Female
>   Brown   32     36
>   Blue    11      9
>   Hazel   10      5
>   Green    3      2
> Regards
> S?ren

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