[R] Lattice xyplot with text under x-axis

kate.m katherine797 at gmail.com
Wed Apr 15 17:59:08 CEST 2009

Hi All, 

I have a data set which I need to plot and show the values of one of the
variables as a second x-axis. 


xyplot(part~year, type="o", xlab="", ylab="") 

n.val.text<-paste("n = ", df1$staff, sep = "") 
mtext(n.val.text, side = 1, line = 3, at = axTicks(1), cex = 0.9) 

This works OK. The problem comes in when I plot the data in panels. 

xyplot(part~year | fac, as.table=TRUE, type="o", between=list(x=1,y=1),
xlab="", ylab="", 
scales=list(x=list(alternating=3),y=list(alternating=3), relation="free")) 

The mtext code doesn't work anymore. I think it needs some sort of panel
function (panel.groups?) which would tell it to show the appropriate values
of "staff" under their respective "year" for each "fac" and each panel. 

Could anyone please give me some pointers? I'm very new to R and completely
in the dark on this task. 

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