[R] Search for a graph package - see link

Knut Krueger rh at krueger-family.de
Tue Apr 14 18:46:07 CEST 2009

> Follow along these lines:
> http://lists.gnu.org/archive/html/igraph-help/2009-04/msg00104.html
> plus set the 'width' edge attribute to represent the number of actions.

this was my first solution, but unfortunately the data are very 
complicated to visualize.
let me expand the example:

Node 1 -> 2     1 actions
Node 2 -> 1    25 actions
Node 3 -> 1     4 actions
Node 1 -> 3    25 actions
Node 2 -> 3     5 actions
Node 3 -> 2    25 actions

In that case all lines would be thick and the actions Node 1 -> 2  ,Node 3 -> 1,Node 2 -> 3   would be invisible, so I tried the narrow arrows to get above the thick arrows in an other colour, but I found no rule to order them that the are always on the top 
... and the team was not satisfied with this suggestion ;-)

The would prefer two parallel arrows one for each direction. Its a very  
long mathematical formula to display those arrows, depending on the 
radius of the circles, and there is a ...hidden...error in the formula.

So I tried to ask again if there is another solution.

By the way: Do you know such arrow funtion: arrow(starting_point, angle, 
length) ?

Thanks's for your patient

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