[R] [OT ?] rant (was : Re: Conversions From standard to metric units)

Emmanuel Charpentier charpent at bacbuc.dyndns.org
Fri Apr 3 23:37:26 CEST 2009

Le vendredi 03 avril 2009 à 14:17 -0400, stephen sefick a écrit :
> I am starting to use R for almost any sort of calculation that I need.
>  I am a biologist that works in the states, and there is often a need
> to convert from standard units to metric units.


US/Imperial units are *not* standard units. The former "metric system"
is now called "Système International" (International System) for a
reason, which is *not* gallocentrism of a "few" 6e7 frogs, but rather
laziness of about 5.6e9 losers who refuse to load their memories with
meaningless conversion factors...


					Emmanuel Charpentier
					who has served his time with
					pounds per cubic feet, furlongs
					per fortnight, BTU and other
					figments of British/American
					sadistic imagination, thank you
					very much...

</rant> # Again, didn't work the first time...

>                                                  Is there a package in
> R for this already?  If not I believe that I am going to write some of
> the most often used in function form.  My question is should I include
> this in my StreamMetabolism package.  It is not along the same theme
> lines, but could loosely fit.  The reason that I ask is that I don't
> want to clutter CRAN with a small package containing some conversion
> functions because I am to lazy to source them into R every time that I
> use them, but I also don't want the StreamMetabolism package to turn
> into StephenMisc Fuctions.  Thoughts, comments, or suggestions would
> be appreciated.

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