[R] RJDBC error with db2 driver

Sicotte, Hugues Sicotte.Hugues at mayo.edu
Thu Apr 2 00:16:38 CEST 2009

Anybody knows what could be the problem?
I am trying to use the class4 (I also tried the class2) JDBC driver for
DB2 and I get the following error. This driver is for db2 9.5, so it
does not require a matching license .jar file, and I tried redownloading
the driver.

I am running R 2.6 on Windows XP, and my java version is sun's 1.6_10

Error in .jfindClass(as.character(driverClass)[1]) : class not found

The only thing I find bizarre is that I cannot view the content of this
jar file (unless I use winzip)
jar -t db2jcc4.jar

Just hangs.

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