[R] problem loading WordNet into R

Bob Green bgreen at dyson.brisnet.org.au
Tue Sep 30 22:25:42 CEST 2008

Hello Martin,

Many thanks for your reply. I tried the command you suggested, which 
generated version (A) below.

In response - I inserted back "-" and "dict" (which I had previously 
tried and removed, in one of the multitude of variations I have 
tried)  and added \\. This still produced the error , so I also added 
the "" which generated version (B).

Removing the "", resulted in version (C).

All result in errors - does this provide any clues as to what is 
required? I have not tried editing the environment to read \\\\

(A) - before adding \\ & ""

 > Sys.getenv("WNHOME")
"c:\\Program Files\\R\\WordNet-3.0\\dict"

(B) after adding \\ & "".

 > library (wordnet)
Warning message:
In initDict() :
   cannot find WordNet 'dict' directory: please set the environment 
variable WNHOME to its parent

"\"c:\\\\Program Files\\\\R\\\\WordNet-3.0\\\\dict\""

(C) removing the " "

 > Sys.getenv("WNHOME")
"c:\\\\Program Files\\\\R\\\\WordNet-3.0\\\\dict"



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