[R] confident interval on Coxme analysis

Jue! val_harvey at hotmail.com
Mon Sep 29 17:20:32 CEST 2008

Hi everyone

I perform analyses using coxme function of Kinship packages. Currently, I
obtain the following output

Cox mixed-effects model fit by maximum likelihood
  Data: seal 
  n= 26565 
  Iterations= 6 73 
                            NULL      Integrated Penalized
Log-likelihood -244068.0  -239495.7 -239271.9

  Penalized loglik: chisq= 9592.06 on 80.35 degrees of freedom, p= 0 
 Integrated loglik: chisq= 9144.56 on 2 degrees of freedom, p= 0 

Fixed effects: Surv(fpt) ~ statut 
            coef           exp(coef)  se(coef)      z p
statut -1.232174 0.2916579 0.1024215 -12.03 0

Random effects: ~1 | ident 
Variance: 1.473655

Is anyone can indicate me how can I obtain the confidence intervalle limit
of the parameters (e.g. statut) estimated in my model?

Thanks for your help
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