[R] Dream of a wiki GUI for R

freerow freerow at gmail.com
Sun Sep 28 20:53:26 CEST 2008

Dear R fans ( and wiki fans),

I am just writing a draft to introduce confidence intervals of various
"effect sizes" to my students. Surely, I'll recommend the package
MBESS in R. Currently, it means I have to recommend R's interface at
first. As a statistics teacher in a dept of psychology, I often have
to reply why not to teach SPSS. Psychologists and their students hate
to memorize codes, or even to call any function with a list of
parameters. I know if I have an online R platform with a wiki
html-form design, I can bypass the function calls and headache
parameters to expose the power of R. Rcmdr and its plugins help some,
but students like to remember just one menu structure in the SPSS
textbook. A wiki interface means they can search and find a complete
example in psychology, with self-explained parameter inputs and

Do I actually dream a wikipedia with front forms and back R? Most R
fans are wiki fans, but not vice verse. So, I think I should talk my
dream here rather than at wikipedia. If you know it had been a
practice rather than an idea, please tell me where to write my
teaching interface.

LI, Xiaoxu

School of Arts and Social Sciences,
Shenzhen Graduate School,
Peking Univ.(Shenzhen Campus)

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