[R] Bug in "is" ?

Roy Mendelssohn Roy.Mendelssohn at noaa.gov
Fri Sep 26 18:24:57 CEST 2008

 From the R-web pages, on what should be posted to which mail list:

> R-help
> The ‘main’ R mailing list, for discussion about problems and  
> solutions using R, announcements (not covered by ‘R-announce’ or ‘R- 
> packages’, see above), about the availability of new functionality  
> for R and documentation of R, comparison and compatibility with S- 
> plus, and for the posting of nice examples and benchmarks. Do read  
> the posting guide before sending anything!
> This has become quite an active list with dozens of messages per  
> day. An alternative is to subscribe and choose daily digests (in  
> plain or MIME format).
> Use the web interface for information, subscription, archives, etc.
>  R-devel
> This list is intended for questions and discussion about code  
> development in R. Questions likely to prompt discussion  
> unintelligible to non-programmers or topics that are too technical  
> for R-help's audience should go to R-devel, see the posting guide  
> section. The list is also for proposals of new functionality for R,  
> and pre-testing of new versions. It is meant particularly for those  
> who maintain an active position in the development of R. Therefore,  
> it also receives all (filtered, i.e. non-spam!) bug reports from R- 
> bugs.

-Roy M.

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