[R] Proper power computation for one-sided binomial tests.

Collin Lynch collinl at cs.pitt.edu
Thu Sep 25 19:25:46 CEST 2008

Am 23.09.2008 um 23:57 schrieb Peter Dalgaard:

> For this kind of problem I'd go directly for the binomial
> distribution. If the actual probability is 0, this is essentially
> deterministic and you can look at
> > binom.test(0,99,p=.03, alt="less")

> This means that you don't sample from the p=.03 population?
> Note that there is a 5 per cent chance to have 0 failures in 99
> trials with p=.03.

In this case I am given the p=.03 as static value.  So my goal is to
compare the sample statistic against that.  I am essentially checking the
real population against an a-priori hypothesis of p=.03 or rather whatever
we set it at (long story).


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