[R] Matrix _0.999375-14 "Note" under CRAN Check, Hmisc_3.4-3 has "Warning", Dpackage_1.0-5 has an "Error"

n.manganaro at verizon.net n.manganaro at verizon.net
Thu Sep 25 16:43:17 CEST 2008

Sorrry for re-sending this message as 1) a non-subscriber initially, 
then 2) from an un-subscribed e-mail.

As context, I am a newbie, but preparing for a moderately deep dive into 
new areas af analysis while becoming familiar with R, at the same time.

I have looked at the dependencies, amd imports for the Baysean and 
Econometrics View related analytics in R and have found that the Matrix 
package referenced above has a Note under check, as Hmisc has a Warning, 
and Dpackage has an error.

These look like fairly core packages for some interesting applications, 
but I do not know the typical approach for finding  out whether there is 
any work planned on these, or if it a do-it-yourself follow-on after 
seeing such outputs from the checks.

How do you suggest I proceed in getting working versions?



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