[R] Calling object outside function

PDXRugger J_R_36 at hotmail.com
Wed Sep 24 19:16:57 CEST 2008

What i thought was a simple process isnt working for me.  After i create an
multiple objects in a function (see below), how to i use those objects later
in the program.  I tried calling the function again and then the object i
wanted and it worked the first time but now it doesnt( i think i defined the
object outside the function accidently so then it worked but when run
properly it doesnt).  I did this using 
Testdata(TAZDetermine) to first recall the function then the object i wanted
to use.  This deosnt work and it errors that the object cannot be found.  Do
i use attach?  this didnt seem to work either.  I just want to call an
object defined in a function outside of the function.  Hope you can help


#Function to create hypothetical numbers for process testing 

#Loads TAZ and corresponding vacant acres data

#Test Location Choice Model selected TAZ 
Loc_Mod_TAZ = 120
#Create test Development 

#Determines vacant acres by TAZ 

#Displays number of vacant acres in Location Choice Model selected TAZ



error indicating the that function cannot be found even thoug its part of
the argument list in the main function.  

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