[R] lower and upper limits in integrate as vectors

Andreas Wittmann andreas_wittmann at gmx.de
Sat Sep 20 14:08:22 CEST 2008

Dear R useRs,

i try to integrate the following function for many values

"integrand" <- function(z)
  return(z * z)

i do this with a for-loop

for(i in 2:4)
  z <- integrate(integrand, i-1, i)$value
  cat("z", z, "\n")

to speed up the computation for many values i tried vectors
in integrate to do this.


integrate(Vectorize(integrand), vec1, vec2)$value

but here it seems the integration works only for the first values of 
vec1 and vec2.

If you have any advice how i can to this computations with vectors or 
something like that, i would be very thankful,

best regards


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