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Rahul-A.Agarwal at ubs.com Rahul-A.Agarwal at ubs.com
Thu Sep 18 11:44:40 CEST 2008

Hi Richard,

Thanks for the code.....but I already have a code for bivariate data...I
want it for data when it is multivariate or its dimension is greater
than two...i mean to say if it is trivariate or higher dimension....can
I get a more generalised form of oja median code

Thanks and Regards  

Rahul Agarwal 
Equities Quantitative Research 
UBS_ISC, Hyderabad 
On Net: 19 533 6363 

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> Can we get the code for calculating Oja median for multivariate data

RSiteSearch("oja median") returns a link to this R-help post with code


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