[R] ggplot2 - deprecated guide= argument in

Pedro Barros pedro.barros at fao.org
Wed Sep 17 12:34:38 CEST 2008

In the help for scale_fill_identity, it is written
 ## Not run: 
         colour <- c("red","green","blue","yellow")
         qplot(1:4, 1:4, fill=colour, geom="tile")
         qplot(1:4, 1:4, fill=colour, geom="tile") + scale_fill_identity()
         # To get a legend, you also need to supply the labels to
         # be used on the legend, and the grob to draw them:
         # grob_tile, grob_line, or grob_point
         qplot(1:4, 1:4, fill=colour, geom="tile") +
scale_fill_identity(labels=letters[1:4], guide="tile", name="trt")

This code used to work with ggplot2. However, after updating to the newer
version (version 0.6) and R 2.7.2, I get the following error message:
Error in get("new", env = ScaleIdentity, inherits = TRUE)(ScaleIdentity,  : 
  unused argument(s) (guide = "tile")

If I omit the guide="tile" argument, I still get a tile, but I did like the
option for choosing the grob to use.
How should I go about this?
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