[R] tryCatch question

Antje niederlein-rstat at yahoo.de
Fri Sep 12 15:02:36 CEST 2008

Hi there,

I have a nested call of lapply in which I do a tryCatch statement like this

lapply(1:length(p_names), function(w_idx) {
	r <- as.numeric(pos_r[[w_idx]][1])
	c <- as.numeric(pos_c[[w_idx]][1])
	pos <- c(r,c)
	lapply(1:length(p_names[[w_idx]]), function(p_idx, pos) {
		parameter <- p_names[[w_idx]][[p_idx]]
		value <- p_vals[[w_idx]][[p_idx]]

		tryCatch({ as.numeric(value) }, warning = function(ex) { value})
		oad$resultValues[[parameter]][pos[1],pos[2]] <<- value
	}, pos)		

(sorry, that I don't have a simple test code here...)
the tryCatch shall convert a value in a number if this makes sense (so "3.3" 
should be converted, but not "hello"; all values are strings)

if I simply execute something like this:

value <- "3.3"
tryCatch({ as.numeric(value) }, warning = function(ex) { value})

it works pretty nice. but within the lapply construct I always end up with strings.
Does anybody have an idea why? (I can try to create a simple testcode for this 
but maybe there is already someone who knows what's wrong?


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