[R] Smoothing Spline Clustering

Marco Chiapello marco.chiapello at unito.it
Thu Sep 11 16:28:52 CEST 2008

I need to use the Smoothing Spline Clustering (SSC):

But it doesn't work! 
If someone can try it and help me!
In the folder you will find a file named SSClust.R, but, I do not why,
it doesn't work. Also the SSClust.test.R file doesn't work, but it
produced a part of the total output (you can see in the Example folder
the real "predicted" output).
I guess that the "error" is at line 178
I'm writing my PhD thesis and I'm in hurry...please help me!!

ps: if instead of ssanova (at line 176), you use lm everything go well

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