[R] count value

Alfredo Alessandrini alfreale74 at gmail.com
Thu Sep 11 14:11:12 CEST 2008


I've this data.frame:

> dia
  X1006109F X1006110F X1006111F X1006112F X1006113F X1006114F X1006115F
1        NA        NA        NA        NA        NA        45        NA
  X1006116F X1006117F X1006118F X1006119F X1006120F X1006122F X1006123F
1        45        NA        NA        NA        40        NA        NA
  X1006124F X1006125F X1006126F X1006128F X1006203F X1006209F X1006210F
1        NA        NA        NA        NA        55        NA        NA
  X1006211F X1006212F X1006213F X1006215F X1006217F X1006218F X1006219F
1        NA        NA        NA        NA        NA        NA        NA
  X1006222F X1006223F X1006224F X1006225F X1006226F X1006227F X1006228F
1        NA        NA        NA        NA        NA        NA        NA
  X1006301F X1006302F X1006304F X1006307F X1006308F X1006321F X1006401F
1        NA        NA        40        NA        NA        NA        NA
  X1006402F X1006406F X1006407F X1006408F X1006421F X1006605F
1        NA        65        NA        NA        NA        45

How can I count the field =! NA??


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