[R] Vorticity and Divergence

Ravi Varadhan RVaradhan at jhmi.edu
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Both vorticity and divergence are defined in terms of partial derivatives.
You can compute these derivatives using the `grad' function in "numDeriv"

U <- function(X) { your U function}
V <- function(X) { your V function} 
# where X = c(x,y)


grU <- function(X) grad(X, func=U)
grV <- function(X) grad(X, func=V)

# For a 2-dimensional vector field

vortivcity <- function(X) grV(X)[2] - grU(X)[1]
divergence <- function(X) grU(X)[1] + grV(X)[2]

# Here is an example:

U <- function(X) X[1]^2 + X[1] * X[2]
V <- function(X) X[2]^2 - X[1] * X[2]

> vorticity(c(2,1))
[1] -5
> divergence(c(2,1))
[1] 5

Does this help?


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Hi all,

I have some wind data (U and V components) and I would like to compute
Vorticity and Divergence of these fields. Is there any R function that can
easily do that?

Thanks in advance for any help

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