[R] restructuring datset problem

Gellrich Mario mario.gellrich at env.ethz.ch
Sun Sep 7 20:23:23 CEST 2008


I've got a question regarding the restructering of a data set. What I have are municipality zip-codes and the names of 5'000 built-up areas within municipalities. The following example shows, what I would like to do:

Input (Zip-Codes and Names): 

#     CODE     NAME
#1       3      aaa
#2       3      aab
#3       3      aac
#4       4      bba
#5       4      bbb
#6       4      bbc
#7       4      bbd
#8       5      cca
#9       5      ccb

Desired Output (Zip-Codes and restructured names)

#  CODE  V2    V3    V4    V5
#1  3   aaa   aab   aac    NA
#2  4   bba   bbb   bbc   bbd
#3  5   cca   ccb   NA     NA

I tougth about this problem several hours and tried functions like aggregate() and t() in combination with for-loops but didn't came to the output above. Can anybody help me?

Best regards,



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