[R] controlling lattice plot ticks with relation="free"

Richard.Cotton at hsl.gov.uk Richard.Cotton at hsl.gov.uk
Fri Sep 5 12:41:06 CEST 2008

How do you persuade lattice to draw tick marks on both the left and right 
side of the y-axis, when relation="free" in the scales component?

#Ticks appear on both sides
histogram(~height|voice.part, data=singer)

##Ticks only on left
histogram(~height|voice.part, data=singer, 

Providing tck as a vector of length 2 doesn't seem to work, neither does 
setting alternating=3 (since the argument is ignored, and I don't really 
want the labels on both sides - just the ticks).

I'm sure I'm missing something obvious.


Mathematical Sciences Unit


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