[R] configuring graphics device in Linux

Erik Iverson iverson at biostat.wisc.edu
Sat Nov 15 00:59:23 CET 2008

John -

john polo wrote:
> Erik Iverson wrote:
>> You should begin by telling us what you did to produce the result. 
>> That way we can tell if it's something in your R commands or not.  If
>> you give us step by step instructions to reproduce the problem (with
>> simulated data, or a dataset distributed with R), it becomes much
>> easier to debug.
> sorry. most of these commands are lifted straight from The Guide i
> referred to:
>> data(trees)       # built-in data set
>> attach(trees)
>> plot(Height,Volume)
> and then the Graphics Device opens and i have the same problem with
> viewing the plot.

OK, this looks fine from my end. The first thing I would do is to start 
R without loading any config scripts or data files.

You can do this by starting R with the 'vanilla' option, that is,

R --vanilla

from the command prompt.  Then repeat your commands.  See if anything 
changes.  If it does change, do you have a file called .RData somewhere 
in your home directory? Try renaming or deleting it.  You haven't yet 
said what OS you're using either.

That would be my first step.

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