[R] ordered logistic regression of survey data with missing variables

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Tue Nov 4 06:02:42 CET 2008


You might want to read this first:
http://www.citeulike.org/user/ctacmo/article/1269394. And this, too:

On 11/3/08, Thomas Soehl <soehl at ucla.edu> wrote:
> Hello:
>  I am working with a stratified survey dataset with sampling weights
>  and I want to use multiple imputation to help with missingness.
>  1. Is there a way to run an ordered logistic regression using both a
>  multiply imputed dataset (i.e. from mice) and adjust for the survey
>  characteristics using the weight variable? The Zelig package is able
>  to do binary logistic regressions for survey data and handle the
>  missing data (logit.survey) but I could not find a way to do both for
>  an ordered logistic model.
>  2.  I assume I should use the weights in the process of creating the
>  multiply imputed datasets as well. Is there a way to do so in any of
>  the multiple imputation packages in R?

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