[R] Attributes of lm, gee and lme functions

Lucy Radford L.Radford at sheffield.ac.uk
Thu Jan 31 12:45:58 CET 2008


I am doing a simulation study as part of my PhD which inovles fitting an lm
model, a gee model (via geeglm from geepack package) and a lme model (via the
nlme package).  After fitting the models i ideally would like to save the
p-value of the beta coefficient, so that i can see how many were significant
after running the simulation a number of times.  However for all of these
models i can only see a way of saving the coefficient value from the fitted
models.  On their own the coefficients are of no use to me.  Does anybody know
if it's possible to save standard errors of the coefficients or ideally the
p-value of the cofficient?

Many thanks


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