[R] job ad: Marketing Statistician, Cleveland OH

bogdan romocea br44114 at gmail.com
Wed Jan 30 17:03:20 CET 2008

AmTrust Bank headquartered in Cleveland OH (founded in 1889, one of
the 50 largest banks in the US, with more than $18 billion in assets)
has an opening for a Marketing Statistician in the Business
Intelligence group.

===Essential Job Duties:
  - Apply various data analysis techniques to address business
questions and problems.
  - Present results to technical and non-technical audiences.
  - Implement, maintain and automate processes for data preparation
and analysis.

===Required Skills:
  - Good understanding of multivariate statistical analysis
techniques: rationales, applications, interpretations, methodology,
plus theoretical and computational aspects.
  - Ability to translate business problems into data analysis
projects, and conversely - ability to translate statistical output in
plain English.
  - Proficiency in an environment for statistical computing and
graphics such as SAS, R/S-Plus, SPSS, Stata etc.
  - Knowledge of SQL (SAS PROC SQL, Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL,
PostgreSQL etc.) and experience with data warehouses and large
  - Programming with data: write, debug and maintain dynamic programs
for data preparation, manipulation and analysis; automate procedures
and analyses through macros, functions, shell scripts.
  - Proficiency with exploratory data analysis: univariate, bivariate
and multivariate plots for summarizing data, finding patterns,
checking assumptions, detecting data errors.

For more info see
To apply, please include a cover letter indicating how your profile
(skills, experience, training, interests, past projects) matches the
required skills above.

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