[R] Guidance for reporting results from lme test?

lorenz.gygax at art.admin.ch lorenz.gygax at art.admin.ch
Wed Jan 30 07:27:24 CET 2008

Dear Ronny,
> I have sucsessfully used a linear mixed effect model, lme, 
> (REML). The results are satisfactory, but I have problems 
> with sorting out how to report the result in a scientific paper.
> Is there a genearal guidance for reporting lme results 
> available (web page, book or article)?

This is likely to depend on the specific subject area that you are working in. I minimally report F-values and their degrees of freedom plus the p-value in applied biology. This is sometimes complemented by reporting the parameter estimates (and either their estimated standard error or a confidence interval) or by a figure including the model fit. Mostly, the random effects are described in the methods section as how they reflect experimental design but often no specific details are reported.

Regards, Lorenz
Lorenz Gygax, Dr. sc. nat., postdoc
Federal Veterinary Office
Centre for proper housing of ruminants and pigs
Agroscope Reckenholz-Tänikon Research Station ART
Tänikon, CH-8356 Ettenhausen / Switzerland

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