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A = read.table("clipboard", header=TRUE)
> A
  sex   age region no_of_accidents
1   F young  north              10
2   F young  south              12
3   F   old  north               5
4   F   old  south               7
5   M young  north              24
6   M young  south              30
7   M   old  north              12
8   M   old  south              17

sum(A$no_of_accidents[which( A$sex=="F")])

should give you the required sum. 

You have to remember that sex, age and region are Factors with their
respective levels and no_of_accidents is a numeric vector.

Do str( A) to see their type.
Hope that helps.


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I'm struggling with an elementary problem with R. I have a simple data 
frame such as this one giving the number of accidents subdivided by sex,

age and region.

sex     age     region          no_of_accidents

F       young   north           10
F       young   south           12
F       old     north           5
F       old     south           7
M       young   north           24
M       young   south           30
M       old     north           12
M       old     south           17

and I would like to build a pivot table, e.g. obtaining the sum of the 
number of accidents for each sex:

sex     age     region          no_of_accidents

F       (any)   (any)           34
M       (any)   (any)           83

but I can't seem to obtain this result simply in R, except by embarking
complicated "for" loops.

I have checked the documentation on such functions as "table()" and the 
documentation on "An introduction to R" but couldn't solve the problem. 
Could you please help me with this?




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