[R] Problems compiling shogun 0.4.4

Brian McNally bmcnally at u.washington.edu
Mon Jan 28 20:35:52 CET 2008


I'm trying to compile Shogun 0.4.4 from source on Redhat Enterprise  
Linux 4 (update 5). I've compiled and installed R-2.6.1 already and  
that seems to work fine. I had some initial problems finding R  
development files, which were fixed by setting CFLAGS='-I/tmp/R-2.6.1/ 
include' and CXXFLAGS='-I/tmp/R-2.6.1/include' in my shell before  
running ./configure --interface=R. After configuring and then running  
make I get the following error:

./gui/R.cpp.o(.text+0xc19):gui/R.cpp:317: undefined reference to  
./gui/R.cpp.o(.text+0xd39): In function `R_init_sg(_DllInfo*)':
gui/R.cpp:439: undefined reference to `R_registerRoutines'
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
make: *** [sg.so] Error 1

Any ideas? I looked for some configure option that might disable GUI  
features but didn't find anything relevant.


Brian McNally

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