[R] KM estimation for interval censoring?

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Mon Jan 28 13:00:54 CET 2008

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> Does anybody know if there is such a function to estimate the
> distribution for interval censored data?
> survfit doesn't work for this type of data as I tried various
> references. 

My reading of R-help posts by Therneau and Lumley is that interval 
censoring is only available for parametric estimates in the survival 

It's not KM, but perhaps this will be of interest:

"Turnbull's Nonparametric Estimator for Interval-Censored Data"
Suely Ruiz Giolo


Giolo cites KLEIN, J. P, MOESCHBERGER, M. Survival Analysis. New York: 
Springer Verlag, 1997, for the algorithm.

This MIT-CSAIL report says they have an available R package that handles 
interval censoring and time-dependent covariates:


David Winsemius

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