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> Hi, I can't believe I am unable to do this.  I just installed R
> (never used it before, but want to learn it).  At present, though.
> all I want to do is export a data file (specifically "crabs" in the
> MASS library) to a text file for use in SPSS.  It allows me to peek
> into the dataset, using the command head(crabs) but I can neither
> view the entire file nor can I seem to export it to a text file. I
> have been trying to get help from the online help for several hours
> now!  Maybe I just don't know what to search for. Frustrating!  Help
> would be much appreciated.  Thx, S. 
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write.table should provide the basic function. It is designed to write 

 write.table(crabs, file="crab.out.csv", sep=",")

... will give you a comma separated file:
... first five lines 

If you are working in Windows, and want to specify a directory, you 
need to use forward slashes in the full filename. The backslash 
character has special meaning in *NIX systems, which is where R was 

If you want to "see" the dataframe, crabs, just type the name. You 
should see 200 lines of data.

David Winsemius

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