[R] Error: C stack usage is too close to the limit

Maarten Blaauw maarten.blaauw at geo.uu.se
Sun Jan 27 00:55:14 CET 2008

Sorry, indeed I forgot to put some of the factors in the code. Here it  
is again, now updated:

calcurve <- cbind(1:2e4, 1:2e4, rep(100, length=2e4));

caldist <- function(cage, error, sdev=2, times=5, By=1)
   calcurve <- calcurve[which((calcurve[,2]+calcurve[,3]) >=  
   calcurve <- calcurve[which((calcurve[,2]-calcurve[,3]) <=  
   theta <- seq(min(calcurve[,1]), max(calcurve[,1]), by=By);

   interpolate <- function(th, col)
     if(th==calcurve[1,1]) {calcurve[1,col]}else
     if(th==calcurve[nrow(calcurve),1]) {calcurve[nrow(calcurve),col]}else
       k <- min(which(calcurve[,1] > th));
       slope <-  
       calcurve[k-1,col] + slope*(th-calcurve[k-1,1]);

   mu <- c();
   cerror <- c();
   for(i in 1:length(theta))
     mu[i] <- interpolate(theta[i],2);
     cerror[i] <- interpolate(theta[i],3);

   caldist <- dnorm(mu, cage, (error^2+cerror^2)^.5);
   cbind(theta, caldist/sum(caldist));


Strangely enough the stacking error message seems not to happen every  
time. It also has happened on the WinXP partition of the same Toshiba  
laptop. So it is not as reproducible as I first hoped/feared.

Dr. Maarten Blaauw
School of Geography, Archaeology & Palaeoecology
Queen's University Belfast, U.K.
On leave from Department of Earth Sciences
Uppsala University, Sweden
maarten.blaauw at geo.uu.se

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